Ultrasound of lymph nodes in children

Lymph nodes are organs of the immune system that are oval or rounded in shape, small in size, and located throughout the body. Since they perform a protective function, most pathological processes in the body lead to their changes. An informative diagnostic method is ultrasound.

Ultrasound of lymph nodes in Lviv

Ultrasound of the lymph nodes is a painless, fast and safe examination that has no contraindications and does not require special training. It is performed using an ultrasound sensor that provides information about the size, shape, structure and pathological changes (the presence of pus, inflammatory process, atypical changes).


  • Ultrasound examination of peripheral lymph nodes 745 uah


High-quality, affordable and comfortable ultrasound of lymph nodes in Lviv can be performed at the St. Paraskeva Medical Center at the following addresses: Zavodska street, 7; Chervona Kalyna lane, 64; Kulparkivska street, 135; Ternopilska street, 21 B; Shevchenko street, 19.

Indications for the procedure

Changes in lymph nodes (depending on the body part) indicate infectious, immune, oncological diseases. Indications for ultrasound:

  • enlarged, red, and painful cervical, occipital, ear, mandibular, axillary, or inguinal lymph nodes;
  • after an infectious disease (within four weeks), the lymph nodes do not decrease;
  • the lymph node is altered in the axillary or inguinal region;
  • when pressed, it does not shift (tightness);
  • enlargement of the lymph nodes, which is accompanied by a prolonged increase in temperature, frequent infectious diseases, weight loss and other pathologies.

Based on the results of the examination, the doctor can make the correct diagnosis.