Radiography of the lungs

Chest radiography (X - ray of the lungs) is a diagnostic method in radiology that makes it possible to assess the following structures: lungs, trachea, bronchi, mediastinum, ribs, and thoracic spine.

Indications for lung radiography

  • infectious or inflammatory lung diseases (pneumonia, tuberculosis, abscess, sarcoidosis, etc.);
  • consequences after inflammatory processes (pneumosclerosis, tuberculosis, etc.);
  • benign or malignant neoplasms (granuloma, cyst, lymphoma, lung cancer or metastasis, etc.);
  • radiopaque foreign bodies of the lower respiratory tract, esophagus;
  • presence of fluid in the pleural cavities (pleurisy of various etiologies, etc.);
  • injuries to the bones or organs of the chest (fractures of the ribs, spine, pneumothorax, etc.);
  • occupational lung diseases (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by prolonged inhalation of harmful substances of a domestic or industrial nature), etc.

Advantages of X-rays

Digital radiography is being improved every year and is becoming popular because:

  • the radiation dose has been reduced tenfold;
  • getting an image takes just a few seconds;
  • high definition and quality of X-rays;
  • there is a possibility to get an image to a storage medium (disk, flash drive) or email;
  • the result of the examination is prepared in 15 minutes.


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The St. Paraskeva Medical Center has a powerful radiology department with innovative diagnostic equipment of the highest world level. One of them is a modern X-ray machine Toshiba Plessart VIVO (Japan).

Preparation for the examination:

There is no special preparation for conducting a chest X-ray. Before performing the diagnosis, the patient is recommended to remove all jewelry in the examination area.


The examination begins with filling in the information consent for the examination, where the patient ticks the necessary boxes. The next step is to remove the outer clothing to the belt. The X-ray technician sets up the device for performing X-rays of the lungs and performs diagnostics. The duration of this procedure is only a few minutes.

Before performing X-ray diagnostics, the medical staff informs the patient about the specifics of the examination. Immediately during the procedure, the patient should follow the instructions and stand still.

If the patient is a minor or has limited opportunities, diagnostics is carried out only in the presence of accompanying persons.

At the end of the examination, the patient dresses and waits for the result. The patient can receive the conclusion of the radiologist by e-mail or at the reception at the St. Paraskeva Medical Center.


  • there are no absolute contraindications for X-ray diagnostics;
  • for pregnant women, the examination is carried out only if there is a referral from the Attending Physician.