Pediatrician's consultation

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of childhood diseases under the age of 18.

At St. Paraskeva Medical Center in Lviv, there are specialists who work according to modern standards that meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Our pediatricians have answers to your questions and will find a special approach to the child. For your convenience, consultation is possible in the clinic, at home and online.


  • Consultation with a pediatrician (for children under 1 year old) 680 uah
  • Consultation with a pediatrician (after 1 year old)680 uah
  • Consultation with and examination by a pediatrician/therapist before immunization (vaccination) 680 uah
  • Consultation with a pediatrician at home 2170 uah
  • Consultation with a pediatrician, leading medical specialist 850 uah
  • Follow-up consultation with a pediatrician 640 uah


When is a pediatrician consultation needed?

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most important tasks, because there are many meetings ahead that should be comfortable. Most visits up to 3 years of age are planned (management of newborns, control examination and before vaccination, if necessary, diagnosis and treatment of diseases).

Mandatory scheduled inspections:

  • in the first days of the baby's life and at the age of 2 weeks. A total of at least 10 reviews during the first year;
  • at 2 years - 2 examinations;
  • at the age of 3 years, 1 examination is provided.

However, there are cases when parents may apply unscheduled:

  • there are difficulties associated with breastfeeding;
  • questions about vaccination, child development, etc;
  • for symptoms of infectious or other diseases;
  • to get a medical certificate.

Symptoms in which the child should be examined by a pediatrician

Any signs of the disease are a reason to make an appointment for a consultation. Most often these are:

  • sleep disorders;
  • teething problems;
  • doubts about development compliance;
  • hyperactivity, excessive tearfulness;
  • temperature rise;
  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • signs of viral infections;
  • manifestations of an allergic reaction and skin rashes;
  • the child is sluggish, the appetite has disappeared;
  • digestive disorders, abdominal pain;
  • the child is underweight, overweight or not gaining weight;
  • joint pain;
  • signs of diseases of the respiratory system, digestion, endocrine system, kidneys, etc.

How does a visit to the pediatrician go?

The first examinations of the baby take place at home or in a Medical Center. During the visit, the doctor not only examines the child, but also answers all the parents' questions about breastfeeding (mixed or artificial), provides recommendations on the mother's nutrition in case of GD, talks about bathing and hygiene, how to establish the baby's daily routine and more.

Further scheduled visits consist of a thorough examination of the child in the clinic. The doctor checks the reflexes, assesses the condition of the mucous membranes and skin, weighs, takes the necessary measurements of height, head and chest volume. The doctor compares the results with the previous ones and analyzes the changes, provides recommendations and permission for vaccination (if there are no contraindications).

Unscheduled consultations due to deterioration of health are held at home or in the Medical Center. The pediatrician asks about all the symptoms, carefully examines the child, and makes a preliminary diagnosis. Taking into account the results of the examination, the doctor may refer for examination, prescribe treatment (if possible) and the date of the next visit.

Pay attention! Online consultation is possible in case of treatment correction, with a slight change in the child's health condition, for referral for examination or its interpretation.


For the purpose of prevention or to confirm the diagnosis, the pediatrician may refer for laboratory (blood, urine, feces) and instrumental (e.g. ultrasound, X-ray) examinations, for consultation with a narrow specialist.


The doctor analyzes the results of the tests, establishes the diagnosis and prescribes the necessary treatment. If necessary, the doctor prescribes treatment together with a narrow-profile specialist.


Comprehensive examinations
  • Annual program for children "Growing up healthy" from 1 to 3 years
    10230 грн
  • Medical examination of schoolchildren and adolescents (7-18 years old) with the issuance of a certificate form №086/0 (extended package)
    6735 грн
  • Examination of the child before vaccination
    1645 грн