CT scan of coronary calcium

Multispiral computed tomography (MSCT) of coronary calcium is an X – ray diagnostic method that is performed without the use of contrast agents to determine the degree of calcium accumulation in the heart vessels. MSCT is prescribed in case of suspected coronary heart disease (CHD) to detect atherosclerotic changes in the coronary vessels, which will allow to determine the Agatston index at high rates and take appropriate measures to prevent the development of myocardial infarction.

Indications for coronary calcium MSCT

  • how to screen men and women after the age of 45;
  • presence of CHD symptoms;
  • deviations from the norm in blood parameters (lipoproteins).


  • Coronary calcium indexation 2390 uah


Benefits of coronary calcium MSCT

  • non-invasive and painless diagnostic method;
  • the duration of the examination is 5-7 minutes;
  • does not require any prior preparation;
  • the result of the examination with a description can be obtained in 60 minutes.

Diagnosis of coronary calcium

The St. Paraskeva Medical Center has a powerful radiology department with innovative diagnostic equipment of the highest world level.

One of them is a 128-slice computed tomograph of the expert level Toshiba Aquilon CX (Japan).


The examination begins with filling out an information questionnaire based on a template, where the patient indicates their complaints, and then removes clothes and jewelry from the chest area.

The medical staff of the MSCT office places the patient on the diagnostic table and informs about the progress and features of the examination. Directly during the examination, the patient should lie still and follow commands to hold his or her breath.

At the end of the diagnosis, the patient dresses and waits for a CD with all the images obtained during the examination. The patient can receive the conclusion of the radiologist by e-mail or at the reception at the St. Paraskeva Medical Center.

Contraindications of coronary calcium MSCT

  • pregnancy (at any stage);
  • mental disorders;
  • weight more than 125 kg.