Consultation of a cardiologist

Cardiology is a science that studies the structure, development, physiology of the human cardiovascular system and its pathological conditions. A cardiologist specializes in identifying the causes of development, treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases.

A cardiologist should be consulted in such cases:

  • pain of any kind in the heart area;
  • chest tightness and burning sensation;
  • when the pain spreads to the left arm;
  • dizziness, general weakness, excessive sweating;
  • fainting without any reason;
  • uncontrolled changes in blood pressure;
  • changes in heart rate;
  • shortness of breath of unknown origin;
  • edema on the extremities;
  • before planning a pregnancy;
  • before planning to go in for sports;
  • prophylactically at the age of 35 years (men) and 40 years (women).


  • Consultation with a cardiologist 815 uah
  • Follow-up consultation with a cardiologist770 uah
  • Consultation with a cardiologist, leading medical specialist 990 uah
  • Follow-up consultation with a cardiologist, leading medical specialist 935 uah


At St. Paraskeva Medical Center, highly qualified cardiologists will consult, diagnose the disease and prescribe effective treatment, as well as inform about the types of prevention of cardiac diseases.

When visiting a cardiologist, the patient should describe the symptoms that are bothering them. The patient's blood pressure will be measured, auscultation of the heart will be carried out for the presence of murmurs, etc. If necessary, the cardiologist will refer the patient for an electrocardiogram or ultrasound of the heart, treadmill test, Holter monitoring, etc.

In the St. Paraskeva Medical Center, the patient will be able to receive the following cardiological services:

  • an EKG recording;
  • conducting an EchoCG;
  • diagnosis of intima media complex by ultrasound;
  • Daily Holter ECG monitoring;
  • daily blood pressure monitoring;
  • treadmill test (tests with physical activity);
  • indexing of coronary calcium using MSCT;
  • coronary angiography with coronary calcium indexing using MSCT;
  • MRI of the heart.

It is important for every patient to remember that even with the slightest complaints, you should immediately consult a qualified cardiologist to prevent the development of severe complications (heart attack, stroke, heart failure, etc.).

Comprehensive examinations
  • Cardiological screening
    4745 грн
  • Comprehensive cardiologist's examination
    4530 грн