Annual program for children

Annual program for children "Growing up healthy" from 1 to 3 years

13985 uah
List of services in the package:
Service Quantity
Consultation with a pediatric ophthalmologist 2
Consultation of a pediatric orthopedic traumatologist 2
Consultations with a pediatric neurologist 2
Pediatrician's consultation (after 1 year) 4
Consultation with a pediatric otorhinolaryngologist 2
Capillary blood collection 2
Electrocardiography with interpretation of the result 1
Detailed blood test 2
General urinalysis 2
Glucose in capillary blood (rapid test) 2
Consultation of another pediatric specialist (if necessary) 2
Ultrasound of internal organs in children under 12 years old 1
Ultrasound of the heart in children 1
Coprogram 2
ECG recording 1